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Hi, my name is Maria Chiara Pettenati,  PhD in Telematics and Information Society and Telecommunication Engineer.

Since January 2012 I am Program Manager of the ICON Foundation. ICON stands for International Center of Computational Neurophotonics. ICON is a non-profit organization committed to bridge brain studies towards a new computational paradigm: the connectome-inspired computing.

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ICON was established in July 2010 by:

  1. LENS (European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy),
  2. the Foundation for Research and Innovation of the University of Florence
  3. the Italian IBM Foundation

The ICON Foundation’s main aim is to work in the field of basic and applied scientific research, of particular importance to society and more specifically in areas such as neuroscience, connectomics, complex physical and social networks in general.

ICON carries out its activities on behalf of institutions, organizations and businesses that are able to implement the fruits of their research as well as to conduct research and development in the same fields in which ICON is involved.

My functions as ICON PM are:

  • support the Foundation directional organs in the management of the Foundation
  • favour ICON’s activities as a technical support to research
  • ensure cohordination of the technological agents working for the Foundation
  • favour local, national and international collaborations
  • favour the Foundations activities promotion as well as found-rising for applied research projects
  • communicate and disseminate the Foundation’s activities and results

ICON’s keywords are: connectomics, complex systems, complex networks, smart analitics, computational neuroscience.

Formerly I was researcher at the University of Florence, Engineering Faculty, Electronics and Telecommunications Department.

Tags I use to describe my research background and competence in that position are:

  • web of data, data interoperability, cooperative web, read-write web
  • personal knowledge management, e-skills, e-knowledge, e-learning

Short Academic Record

Until 2004 I was Post-doc in the University of Florence, Electronics and Telecommunications Department.  My thesis was developed between 1996 and 1999. Its focus was to design and develop a web-based environment for teaching and learning. During my PhD, I spent two very fruitful and interesting years at the Computer Science Department (DI – LITH Laboratory) of the (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) EPFL. Before that, I graduated with Honours in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Florence in 1996.

Institutional roles which I cover/ed are:

  • Member of the Scientific Committee and Lecturer in the interdisciplinary post-graduate Master degree “e-Learning Designer and Manager”, University of Florence (jointly organized by the Faculties of Engineering and Educational Sciences).
  • Lecturer in the post-graduate PhD school in Telematics and Information Society. Modules taught yearly:“Introduction to the Web Science framework and the Web of data” (since 2009) Telematic Systems (since 2002)and “Trust Management in Telematic Systems” (since 2004).
  • Lecturer in the first year undergraduate “Telematics” course in Computer Science, Telecommunications and Electronic Engineering at the University of Florence. (2001-2005)

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